Fun Facts About Sex: Finding Humor Between the Sheets


As much as sex is an intimate act shared with a partner, it also something that you engage in to experience a unique kind of physical pleasure. Sexual experience is never the same for everybody. Because of this, we constantly discover some fun facts about sex that you may not have even heard of before.

There a number of interesting sex facts then, there are also those we end up referring to as weird sex facts. Some of these make you more curious. Others may just shock you. Still there are some fascinating facts about sex that just tend to be funny no matter how factual they are. Get to know some of them get ready dish some fascinating facts to your partner while you’re having some fun between the sheets.

Interesting Facts About Sex You Probably Had No Idea About

Here are some fun facts about sex you probably had no idea about before. Some of them involve some fascinating and fun facts about the human body and how it behaves during sex. You might think that some of these are just weird facts about sex, but they are factual and can definitely be useful.

Here are some you should know about right now:

1. Some people are wired to have more sex than others. Apparently the frequency in which you would like to have sex with your partner is ultimately affected by how your brain has been wired.

how your brain has been wiredAccording to a study done by the University of California Los Angeles that was published in the journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, a person’s response to possible turn-ons significantly affect their sexual behavior in the real world.

During their study, they observed more than 60 men and women who got hooked up to a brain-scanning device before being shown a variety of images. Some of these images were sexual in nature while others were not. The way the brains of each participant responded to the said images were then measured.

In the end, they found that participants who had a strong brain response to both graphic and non-graphic images got aroused more easily and reported having a greater number of sexual partners. Meanwhile, participants who only responded to the graphic images tend to have fewer sex partners.

2. The average length of an erect penis is 5.2 inches. You heard it right, an average man’s penis can grow up to as much as 5.2 inches when it is erect. When it’s flaccid though, his penis is comfortable 3.5 inches in length.

Oddly enough, a poll done by among 1,100 of its readers found that as much as 56 percent of its respondents believe that the penis size of their partner is just average. Only 33 percent said that their partner’s penis is relatively huge. Interestingly, as much as 89 percent of the female respondents also said that they are not worried about their boyfriend’s penis size.

As far as preference go, a joint research done by the University of California Los Angeles and University of New Mexico revealed that women tend to have long term relationships with a partner whose penis is 6.3 inches long with a 4.8 inch girth when it’s erect. For those exciting one night stands, however, women would really like it the man’s penis is 6.4 inches long and has a circumference of five inches.

Does this mean that size truly matters when it comes to sex for women? Surprisingly, size is not a big issue among women. Instead, they tend to judge a potential partner for facial and general attractiveness first.

As far as figuring out how to satisfy a woman sexually, it seems size is not a major concern so long as a woman can experience clitoral simulation and ultimately, achieve an orgasm.

In case you’re wondering the distinction of having the largest penis currently goes to Jonah Falcon. His penis measures 13.5 inches when erect and yes, sex has been quite challenging for him.

3. Sex can burn between 100 to 200 calories for men, but only 69 calories for women. Sure, we have all heard that sex can be an effective exercise as it can help you burn calories. Unfortunately, women only burn 69 calories on average when they’re having sex. In contrast, men burn between 100 to 200 calories.

women who engage in exerciseThere is no clear reason for this but as it turns out, women end up burning twice more calories when they workout for 30 minutes in the treadmill compared to when they are engaged in sexual activity with their partner. The good news, however, is that women burn more calories when having sex than while they are just walking around.

If you want to have great sex every time, it also helps to stay fit. Recent research has shown that women who engage in exercise regularly tend to become more easily aroused than women who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In turn, this allows them to reach orgasm more quickly.

Meanwhile, if you want to enhance your libido without having to do an exercise routine everyday, you can try the HerSolution Gel that lets you get turned on easily every time you have sex with your partner so you can spend more time enjoying intimacy with him and less time worrying about vaginal dryness.

4. There is enough sperm in a single man to impregnate every woman on the planet. You heard it right, your man can potentially impregnate every single woman around you and beyond. It’s one of those weird facts about sex you never imagined to be true.

Your man probably has more sperm inside him than you ever thought possible. You may also be surprised to learn that his body is capable of producing at least 1,500 sperm cells every second. Every time a healthy man ejaculates, he also releases anywhere between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in one go.

Throughout, his lifetime, an average man will be able to produce as much as 525 billion sperm cells. Every month, he sheds around one billion of them. To increase his chances of being able to conceive a child with a partner, a man should aim for a sperm count of at least 15 to 20 million sperm per milliliter.

To increase your man’s sperm count, a host of lifestyle changes can be easily done including taking multivitamins, trying acupuncture, keeping alcohol consumption down and having sex more often.

5. Women tend to make their voice sexier when enticing men. As it turns out, it is in women’s nature to simply lower their voice to make it sexier and hopefully, get some men interested.

For a lot of people, the definition of a sexy voice is one that sounds low and breathy. When it comes to getting a man to notice and be mesmerized by them, women are readily capable of making their voice a lot more attractive.

This is because women are aware than men place a great deal of emphasis on looks when looking a woman. They also believe that the sexiness of a woman’s may give men a better idea on how she looks like.

In contrast, men are not capable of using a sexier voice to talk to a woman even if they wanted to.

depression6. Masturbation is known to help cure depression. Here is one of the most beneficial and interesting facts about masturbation. It an effective way to combat depression. This is because every time you masturbate, your body also releases endorphins.

There are brain chemicals capable of making you feel good and even satisfied with your life. With a burst of endorphins coursing through your body, you feel happier and therefore no longer have a reason to feel down and depressed.

Aside from depression, masturbation is also believed to be effective in keeping off prostate cancer and type-2 diabetes in men. Among women, on the other hand, masturbating regularly helps prevent any cervical infections or urinary tract infections.

7. Two-thirds of men and women have fantasized about other people while having sex with their partner. Believe or not, a significant number of men and women tend to think about other people while they are in the middle of having sex with their partners. The numbers are astounding for both sexes. That’s 98 percent for men and 80 percent for women, according to a study from the Journal of Sex Research.

According Cal State adjunct professor of psychology Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., women tend to think about other men while having sex as a way to indulge in their urge for some sexual variety while remaining true to their own partner.

As far as sexual fantasies go, another study find that 20 percent of women and 11 percent of men have fantasized about having sex with their boss. On the other hand, as much as 70 percent of women and 63 percent of men dream about what sex would be like with a new partner just before they go to sleep.

8. Kissing takes a great deal of muscle power. Here is one of the most interesting facts about kissing you would probably ever learn. The act of kissing your partner takes a significant amount of muscle coordination as there are as much as 146 muscles needed to make a single kiss happen.

To be able to kiss someone, your body has to work 34 facial muscles, as well as 112 postural muscles. You may not notice the amount of effort you put into each kiss especially when you are thoroughly enjoying it but just so you know, you give your face a workout with each kiss you make.

9. Gay men have larger penises than their straight counterparts. It may sound like a cruel joke for straight men, but as far as penis size goes, gay men are in the lead most of the time. A study by Kinsey Institute that gay men tend to have penises that measure around 6.46 inches long when erect. In contrast, straight men’s penises only tend to measure around 6.14 inches long when erect.

Just because one study had this finding however, does not necessarily mean that gay men generally have larger penises than straight men. It is also worth remembering that women don’t just look at penis size when they are deciding to get into a relationship with a guy. In fact, they look at other factors before a guy’s penis size even comes into consideration.

10. Educated and more accomplished women have more anal sex than any other group. Anal sex may sound dirty to some, but it can be one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences anyone can ever have. Just ask educated women.

accomplished womenAccording to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, anal sex tends to be a common preference among women who have both higher levels of education and income. It seems that the more educated and richer women are, the more they want to enjoy the pleasures of anal sex with their partners. Women who are also most likely to have anal sex are those who are already married or living with their partners.

In the last 20 years, more and more women have expressed both interest and willingness to try having anal sex with their partner. Today, as much as 40 percent of women aged 18 to 24 have even tried it compared to just 16 percent back in 1992. In the U.S., it is believed that at least one in three straight has already experienced having anal sex at some point in their lives.

In any relationship, it’s never too late try spice up your sex lives and try having some anal sex. Just be honest with your partner about it and talk to each other about having anal sex before trying it out so that you can both manager each other’s expectations better.

11. Sexting makes couples more sexually satisfied with each other. Here’s one of the most interesting fun facts about sexting. Sexting each other can be quite beneficial for couples at helps both of them achieve more sexual satisfaction, thereby making their overall sexual relationship healthier.

Aside from this, researchers from a recent study also found that sexting is an ideal way for couples to explore their sexual fantasies with each other especially when they are not comfortable about simply talking openly about sex.

Meanwhile, another good reason to sext with your partner is that helps keep your relationship intimate even when your partner is out of town. This way, you two get to bond with each other uniquely even when you’re apart.

12. Fat guys have more sexual stamina than skinny guys. Here’s an interesting fun fact about sex, fat men are capable of outlasting thin men because they have greater sexual stamina. Just so you have a better idea, a fat guy can last five minutes longer in bed than someone who weighs a lot less.

There also another little known benefit when it comes to having sex with a chubby man. They don’t tend to suffer from premature ejaculation as much as skinnier men do. This way, there is a better chance for you to achieve an orgasm.

Interestingly, one British study also found that as much as 75 percent of women would rather have sex with a Seth Rogen type of man over someone as fit and buffed as Zac Efron. This is because women view flabbier men as less threatening. Women also tend to feel less self-conscious when having sex with a partner that’s got a little extra weight.

pumpkin pie13. The smell of pumpkin can increase blood flow to the penis. The next time you want to get your man’s sexual appetite going, consider serving him some pumpkin pie. Aside from lavender, researchers have found that the smell of pumpkin pie readily sends blood flowing into a man’s penis. 40 percent of the men who participated in the study, in fact, got sexually aroused with a simple whiff of pumpkin pie.

Undeniably, one of the most interesting facts about sex is how men can easily get their sexual appetite going with the help of some food. According to the same study, the scent of doughnuts and licorice also tend to get men sexually aroused with 31.5 percent of men responding effectively to the said food scents.

14. Men tend to have less, not more, sex when they do more housework. You know you need him to get some housework done. The next time he goes around doing chores in the house though, you may want to keep in mind that he might not be in the mood for sex at all when he’s done.

It is unclear if women find men who do housework less sexy but, one study finds that men who are generally more involved in household chores tend to have less sex than men who don’t do much work around the house.

15. As men grow older, their penis gradually shrinks. Tell your partner not to be too alarmed. A gradually shrinking penis is merely a fact of life. This is because men experience less blood flow and have less testosterone as they age, leading for their penis to become smaller over time.

According to Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, a man tends to lose anywhere between one centimeter to one centimeter and a half in penis length by the time he reaches his 60’s or 70’s. If your man has a bit of belly weight, his penis will also look smaller too since his belly can readily cover the base of his penis, thereby making it appear smaller.

16. 85 percent of women are happy with their partners’ penis size, but only 55 percent of men are satisfied with their own size. Generally, women don’t care much about a man’s penis size. However, that doesn’t mean that men don’t feel conscious about it.

The truth is men can grow overly concerned about their penis size that it can lead them to suffer some anxiety disorders. This is because even if women say that size does not matter when it comes to their sexual satisfaction, men continue to believe that bigger is still better when it comes to their penis size.

sleepBased on one recent finding, however, it seems that most men have nothing to worry about when it comes to their penis length. As it turns out, only less than three percent of men have penis sizes that are as classified as smaller than normal.

17. People who slept face down had more sexual dreams. One study has found that the position that you sleep in can determine the kind of dreams you’ll be having. If you sleep with your face down, there’s a good chance that you have an erotic dream, according to a study published in the Journal of Dreaming.

According to researchers, these sexy dreams may be due you not getting much air when your face is down. This lead to a feeling of being somewhat constricted while you are sleeping.

Fun Facts About Sex: How to Make Your Vagina Yummy

Most women love oral sex. It is exactly the kind of foreplay they enjoy getting from their partners. When you have just come from outside or you’ve had a long day at work though, you sometimes notice that your vagina no longer smells so good by the time that you get back home. You also can’t help but worry that the unpleasant smell of your vagina may turn off your partner.

slices of pineappleLucky for you, it doesn’t take much effort to make your vagina smell and taste good enough to eat again. Surprisingly, all you have to do is to enjoy some delicious, sweet slices of pineapple regularly.

It is a commonly held belief that eating sweet pineapples have a way of making your vagina taste incredibly yummy, that your partner may not stop eating you up. Aside from pineapples, other foods and drink that are said to do wonders to the taste of your vagina include strawberries, red grapes, apples, watermelon, cranberry juice, mint, yogurt, celery and believe it or not, water.

They say knowledge is power. These fun facts about kissing, making out and everything else don’t just empower you as a sexually active person, it also gives you something to share with your partner when you’re having a drink or even starting to make out. Take note of them. Some of these fun facts about sex may come handy after all.



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