The Secrets on How to Attract Love and Make It Last a Lifetime


Are you looking for love? Even in a society where love is a big industry, good relationships remain to be elusive. Finding the right man in the male pool didn’t become easier than it was a millennium ago.

The big question remains, “What is the key on how to attract love?” If you are thinking about the last platonic romance you’ve had, you might need some help in the love department. You don’t have to settle for just a relationship when you can have a vibrant and passionate partnership awaiting you.

Finding love and keeping it forever is possible. Here are some of the best-kept secrets on attracting love.

How to Attract Love with Law of Attraction: Why You Need to Cherish Being Single

being aloneAll of us are afraid of being alone whether you admit it or not. If you are single right now, you might be thinking that the universe is punishing you for some imaginary wrongdoing. You could be struggling to be in a relationship, just to have someone to introduce to others as your man, but at the end of the day, you know that you are not in the kind of relationship you want to be.

The best advice in attracting loving partners is to let go of your inhibitions about being single. Stop feeling incomplete and lacking. This is your best chance to adopt a more optimistic perspective on being unaffiliated with another person.

There’s nothing wrong about finding happiness outside of a relationship. Being in a happy place, despite your status could even make it easier for love to find you.

Contrary to what some people believe, making peace and enjoying singlehood does not make it less likely for you find love. In fact, it could boost your chances of attracting love.

Being happy with your unattached and independent state is not just a quality that makes it easier for you to find love. Studies show that relationships where each party had independent pursuits tend to last longer than those where couples had no separate interests.

Don’t see singlehood as the universe’s way of punishing you. Instead, use this phase as an opportunity to know what you want and who you are.

Fix Yourself: People Who Are Emotionally Weak Attract Wounded Partners

Most people believe that opposites attract. While this may seem feasible, people rarely end up with people on the other end of the spectrum.

In fact, a study conducted by the University of Kansas and Wellesley College concluded that people are more attracted to individuals with similar personalities. This theory was proven true in friendships and romantic relationships. The list of similarities people look for includes educational attainment, DNA, and physical appearance.

This rule of attraction may also be the reason why people who are emotionally weak attract partners who are equally destructive. If you want to learn how to attract love and be in a vibrant relationship, you need to be emotionally healthy. The possibility of attracting a partner who is ready for commitment is higher when you have made peace with yourself.

If you and your partner enter a relationship for self-fulfillment, you are more likely to stay together for a long time. Partnerships like this are stronger compared to one that is forged by companionship and survival. This kind of love withstands the challenges that many modern marriages face and it has a higher success rate.

Radiate Positive Energy: Confidence Is a Magnet for Romance

Both men and women both would pay a lot to know how to attract love energy. Many people spend so much effort looking at external factors that ruin their chances to find love that they forget to assess ourselves. What could you be doing that repels love?

All people emit a certain “vibe” or energy. Although you can’t see a person’s vibe, you tend to make impressions based on the feel you get from them. A secure and confident aura is the best vibe if you want to attract love.

People see you as a strong and confident person based on the way you carry yourself. Individuals who are wounded often have an insecure vibe about them because they tend to second-guess themselves. On the other hand, confident individuals proceed through life with zest and passion.Confident individuals

The key to improving your energy is to exercise positive thinking. It’s all about facing life with an optimistic attitude. A secure and confident person who can handle anything sends out a vibe that makes him or her more attractive. You also have higher chances of finding the kind of love you want if you appear confident.

While it is true that those with a weak and insecure vibe still attract laugh, they often end up in bad relationships. These people either give or take too much from their partner. Unless they are lucky enough to find an understanding partner who can help them deal with these flaws, they end up more jaded after failed relationships.

Confident individuals attract potential partners and they are also more passionate about life. The zest for living is not just a magnetic quality – it is also one of the foundations of a long lasting relationship.

Based on a study conducted by Stony Brooke University, the feeling of intense love in couples who have been married for over 10 years was directly correlated to positive thoughts about their partner, general happiness and novel and challenging activities. This only means that when you choose to love life, you choose to be happy whether in a relationship or not.

Deal with Emotional Baggage: Break Free of Relationship Blocks and Past Failures

No matter how much you want to have love in your life, you wouldn’t be successful unless you clear all roadblocks. If after having tons of interesting dates you still feel that there’s something wrong, it might be time to see if such resistance is due to an inner turmoil. You can exhaust all materials that will teach you how to attract love into your life and meet failure each time unless you deal with your personal demons.

What could be preventing you from finding happiness in a relationship? There are numerous possibilities and most of these stem from past relationships that failed. It might be a fear of rejection or feeling that you are not good enough for another person. In some people, it is the fear of losing their independence and losing control over their own decisions.

The issues that plague people differ, but all of them stem outward from fear. Some people even are afraid to go after what they want and to be happy with someone. All these things sabotage your chances of finding love.

You have to confront yourself and deal with these things on your own. Although these may seem irrational or too petty, these emotions are real. These may not even come from past relationships, it could be due to a childhood experience and the kind of upbringing you had.

Dealing with the resistance is not going to be easy. However, if you want to have love in your life and to make relationships last, you need to deal with emotional baggage.

Put Self-love First: Love Yourself as Much as You Want to Be Loved

Loving yourself is one thing that you can concentrate on while you are looking for love. You need to know your worth first if you want someone to see what a precious gem you are.

Realizing your self-worth is one of the basic things you have to learn. Don’t leave that for anyone else to figure out.  See yourself as a strong person who deserves love, because you do.

Stop looking at yourself with a wounded ego thinking that you will never be good enough. By seeking for approval from other people, you become a needy and toxic person. Learn to love yourself, learn about cherishing your personality and sexuality. If needed, you can even boost your desires with female libido products and explore pleasure on your own.

Most people would ask – do I need to love myself because no one else would? The answer would be no. Loving who you are is not about satisfying your need for love. It is all about discovering what it is like to love.  You could never recognize or give love to someone else if you don’t even know how it is like to be loved.

How to Attract Love: Feng Shui Tips on How to Attract Romance in Your Life

While on the subject of attractive love energy, it also pays to learn how to attract love using feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice and its primary aim is to streamline the flow of energy or chi.  This practice is not just applicable to love but also for luck and wealth.

There are many people who practice feng shui because it is more defined compared to other beliefs. When it comes to love, feng shui recommends getting rid of clutter in your life.

feng shuiAside from that, feng shui also suggests getting rid of sad artworks or photos and replacing them with happy ones featuring families. Another suggestion involves adding a dash of pink and light blue in your bedroom to make it cozy. In addition, feng shui recommends placing your bed where all three sides are not against the wall.

Feng shui also involves the use of crystals, specifically rose quartz, to attract love and happiness in relationships. More than just a feng shui item, the rose quartz has been used as a love token way back 600 B.C. You can use rose quartz as jewelry or you can place it in a bowl at the center of your home. These practices on how to attract love with rose quartz have been around for ages and some attest that they can bring love to your life.

Feng shui is just like any other belief in spirituality and the powers in the Universe. It may not work for everyone but it does reinforce the need for positivity in life. Feng shui suggests getting rid of things that could negatively impact your life. A change in your environment could change the way you view things.

By affirming how prepared you for love and making small changes that reinforce this, you are showing your readiness for being in a relationship. By having a better outlook and a room free from bad vibes, you will have a renewed vigor for finding love and keeping it.

Don’t Get Attached Right Away: The Right One Won’t Just Fall Into Your Lap

Finding a person who can add color to your life is not easy, but this doesn’t mean that you will be alone forever. Although lovers don’t grow like apples on trees, searching for love is still worth the effort.

Needless to say, you should not think that every person you meet is Mr. Right. Remember that the people you meet may have crossed your path to teach you valuable lessons. They could show you what you want in life through practical experiences. At the same time, it can also reveal any resistance that you may have for being in a relationship.

Irrespective of what happens after meeting new people, you should relish the chance to learn from them. Although you won’t immediately recognize if you are ready for love, there are small manifestations that you could notice.  For one, you will see more people as desirable partners even if they have serious flaws which you used to point out as an excuse not to consider their suit.

How to Attract Love: Spell, Occult and Spiritual Paths to Finding a Mate

In the quest for love, it’s not unusual to find fixes related to a power that is greater than us. Movies and TV shows often feature the use of magical items and talismans to attract true love. This makes a lot of us curious if attracting love this way works.

It may sound ridiculous, but learning how to attract love spiritually could help you. There are people who find love by believing in spells and items that would bring love their way.  Irrespective of how people view divinity and magic, these things could affirm love especially when you believe that it can.

If there’s one thing that’s true about attracting love in your life, it is the reality that loves it’s all about the way you think. Oftentimes, when you say a spell or truly believe that an item is mystical, you see life with different eyes. Instead of feeling that your search for love is hopeless, you see it with new eyes. This makes you more optimistic towards finding the right person for you.

Relying on a power greater that your own and using it as your resource for managing feelings is also helpful.  This power can be anything – it could also be your belief in a higher being, a connection to another soul and anything which is effective for you.

Believe in Relationships: Affirm That Love is on Its Way by Having Faith in Future Partners

relationshipIf you have been in failed relationships, you might have been jaded by all the horrible experiences you had. When you are surrounded by people in dysfunctional relationships, you might start thinking that having a healthy relationship is impossible.

You need to believe that it’s possible to form a mature and powerful relationship between you and a potential partner. And, you need to affirm this within yourself. It would be superficial to believe that you will find love if you don’t think that you can be in a good relationship.

The same belief should also extend to future partners. You should not gauge the potential partner you will have in the future based on the traits of everyone else who came before him. You need to see positive things about the people around you to attract love in your life.

The ability to see partners in a good light is one quality that makes relationships last. When people first fall in love, they develop this “love blindness” that they only see the one they love in a good light. A review of 470 studies in the University of Geneva revealed that there was only one personality trait that predicted long-term relationships. This quality was positive illusion or the ability to see one’s partner as the ideal person allowed relationships to stay longer and stronger.

Even so, this does not indicate that you should stay in an abusive relationship. This simply means that to stay content and satisfied with the person you love. You should look beyond appearances and petty things, and look at your partner with loving eyes.

Being forever alone is a real issue that plagues many people today. In an era where finding love is so hard, it’s easy to give up and be done with it. Even if you feel discouraged at times, it would be worthwhile to continue looking for love.

Apparently, there are little-known secrets on how to attract love that you can apply yourself. Although not all of these could be applicable to you, it’s worthwhile to consider everything. Who knows, all you need might be a push to the right direction for you to find someone who would love you.


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