17 Simple Secrets on How to Increase Female Sex Drive Quickly


unresolved issuesAt one point in your life, your libido will run away from you. It could be because of stress, hormones, pregnancy, kids making a mess in your home, or unresolved issues with your man.

The good news is, you can regain what you lost, including your female libido.

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on the new female Viagra pill called Addyi, which means women have to rely on various tips and techniques on how to increase female sex drive. It could take a bit longer, and the results may not be instant; however, natural remedies, such as lifestyle changes, last longer.

Here are 17 things you can do to enhance female libido and get your female sexuality back on track.

1. Fix the Mess to Get Your Female Libido Back on Track

messy bedroomHow does your room look like? If your bed is unmade, clothes are piling up everywhere, and the curtains have been there for the past six months, then it’s no surprise that your sex drive is cluttered too.

Oftentimes, a messy bedroom equates to cognitive distractions. It is your living reminder of things you need to do then you feel bad for not being able to accomplish anything.

If you want to increase female libido, then start packing away and de-cluttering. Give your room a new look by rearranging the furniture and moving the television outside the room. It helps you relax, gets you in the mood for sex, and allows you to focus on your man.

2. Increase Female Libido by Swapping Your Alcoholic Drink to Red Wine

Admit it. There is a sense of relief in there. After all, alcohol helps ease your mood and allows you to loosen up.

Red wineThe question is why red wine?

Red wine contains polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that widens your blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to key arousal areas, including what’s down there. Consequently, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that women who drank a glass of red wine everyday have higher sex drive than women who don’t drink.

Be careful, though. Make sure you stick to one glass, since too much red wine could take a toll on your libido, which is something you don’t want to happen.

If you are serious about getting your libido back, the next tip might surprise you.

3. Increase Woman Sex Drive by Seeing your Partner in Red

red dressSurprised? It turns out that it’s not only men who get turned on when you wear your red dress or red lace underwear.

University of Rochester researchers, led by Andrew Elliot, found out that red is a signal of a higher status. If a man wears red, you perceive him as someone who belongs on the higher social ladder that could lead to attraction. You may not notice it but this could turn you on.

When it comes to how to increase a woman’s libido, it won’t hurt if you ask your man if he could wear a red shirt. Coupled with the other techniques to boost women’s sex drive, and you may want to rip off his shirt before you have even had dessert.

4. Learn How to Increase a Woman’s Libido Through Yoga

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “yoga?” Most of the time, you’ll associate it with meditation, relaxation, or an activity that helps you combat stress. While all of these benefits hold true when it comes to this ancient practice, the truth is that yoga could do more than that.

You might ask how.

yogaAccording to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who underwent a 12-week session of yoga experienced an overall improvement in their sexual function scores, which includes the following:

  • Arousal
  • Desire
  • Lubrication
  • Orgasm
  • Pain
  • Satisfaction

When you do yoga, you become more familiar with your body, and eventually, this can help you get in touch more with your own female sexuality. Consequently, it helps improve your blood flow down south, which is an essential characteristic in boosting female sex drive.

What are you waiting for? Check out the nearest recreational facilities near you and enroll in yoga. The best part is it helps you relax too, hence hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Boost Your Libido by Going to the Gym with Your Partner

You know how important exercise is in ensuring optimum health. At the same time, it helps you maintain your weight and keeps you fit. Given the benefits of exercise, the next time your man heads to the gym, make sure you go along with him.

exerciseIt’s not just because of the saying, “The couples who work together stay together.” More than that, did you know that his sweat could turn you on?

A recent study revealed that a man’s sweat could influence your sex hormones and trigger arousal. The key here is androstadienone, a type of human pheromone that could:

  • Change your mood.
  • Cause physiological and sexual arousal.
  • Activate your brain.

This doesn’t mean you should hang out in the men’s locker room. The scent of your partner is enough, hence the reason why you should consider working out together to increase a woman’s sex drive.

Let’s say your partner is not fond of going to the gym. That’s fine. This doesn’t mean you should stop going too. Read the next section and find out how working out on your own can increase female libido.

6. Hit the Gym as Often as You Can – Your Sex Drive Will Follow

workoutsThere are many reasons why you should exercise. It keeps you fit and healthy, helps you maintain your desired weight, and it makes you feel good about yourself.

Here is another reason why you should include more workouts in your schedule: it could boost your sex drive.

Exercise could do many favors to the sexual side of yourself. It increases blood flow, especially in important areas – a crucial characteristic that ensures arousal. Exercise also creates an endorphin rush, which explains why you are happier after workout. Most importantly, you start to feel good not just about your body but also in everything.

This positive vibe could translate inside the bedroom. The best part is your partner could easily notice how blooming and good-looking you are.

7. Get Enough Sleep: How Rest Affects a Woman’s Sexual Urges

sleepAre you getting at least six to eight hours of sleep every night? If yes, then congratulations because you are doing a good job to ensure your health is in its best shape. Otherwise, you need to catch up. After all, lack of sleep is among the silent killers of your sex drive.

How is sleep related to female libido?

Your energy is depleted throughout the day because of work and endless meeting. When you get home, you have to attend to chores and kids, leaving you exhausted and less time for yourself. The best way to replenish this is by hitting the sack and allowing yourself to visit dreamland.

Here are tips to ensure quality sleep:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Establish a “before bed” routine, such as taking a warm shower or reading a book.
  • Avoid the use of electronic gadgets at least one hour before your scheduled sleeping time.

In other words, women’s libido increases if you give your body enough time to sleep and rest. Make sure you are having pillow date to keep your libido intact.

Speaking of sleep, check the next tip and find out how your partner’s sleeping condition affects your libido.

8. Your Partner’s Snoring: Female Libido’s Silent Killer That Needs Treatment

Surprisingly, snoring is among the biggest issues couples face. No matter how much you love your man, his snoring will definitely put your sex drive in the bin. Aside from the noise, it distracts your sleep, which means more eye bags, depleted energy levels, and zero mood for sex.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Wear earplugs to help you get your much-needed rest.
  • Sew a pocket on your partner’s sleeping clothes and place a tennis ball inside. It prevents your partner from sleeping on his back, thereby minimizing snoring.
  • Consider a visit to the doctor if snoring comes with gasping or difficulty breathing. This could be a sign of sleep apnea, which requires treatment.

Being able to solve a partner’s loud snoring, could lead to an increase in many women’s sex drive levels.

Stick around since there are more tips on how to increase female sex drive.

9. Get Yourself in an Adrenaline-Pumping Situation

rollercoasterWhen was the last time you caught yourself in a heart-stopping situation? It turns out that when couples scare themselves such as watching a horror film or riding a rollercoaster, female’s libido increases.

You might be wondering why.

According to a 2011 study, horror movies and other adrenaline-pumping situations can trigger your body’s sympathetic nervous system or SNS, also known as the fight-or-flight response. When SNS activity is higher, genital arousal is likewise higher, which leads to an increase in woman’s sex drive.

Instead of the usual romantic walks in the park, consider other activities that are both enjoyable and heart-stopping with your man. Some ideas include:

  • Watching a suspense flick.
  • Riding a rollercoaster.
  • Going zip-lining.
  • Trying extreme activities, such as bungee jumping.
  • Taking surfing lessons together.

The bottom line is to do something unusual once in your life, and your libido will surely follow.

10. Increase Female Sex Drive: What’s the Deal with Wearing Socks?

socksHave you seen the movie, Friends with Benefits? There was a scene when Justin Timberlake told Mila Kunis where he preferred wearing socks while having sex.

You might find it weird, but that act has a scientific study to back it up. In fact, researchers found out that wearing socks could help you achieve orgasm because cold feet are finally addressed.

The study also showed that 80 percent of the couples reached the big O after wearing socks.

In other words, a cool climate could help set the mood and get you sexually aroused; however, exposing your naked body in a cool environment could take a toll in your ability to achieve the big O.

Hence, wear socks. It keeps you warm and helps you reach climax in no time.

11. Stress: A Perennial Libido Zapper that Sucks the Inner Sex Goddess in You

You probably have your share of financial issues, kids, unresolved problems at home, your demanding boss, nosy colleagues and your work. Whatever you are experiencing, all of these lead to one thing: stress. When you are under stress, every aspect in your life is at stake, including your sex drive. Thereafter, you start to avoid sex and cause tension with your partner, which could add up in the issues you have at home and leads to further stress.

stressIt’s a never-ending cycle. The best way to say goodbye to it is to learn how to deal with it to boost women’s sex drive.

First, you need to identify your life stressors or the circumstances that stresses you out. Then, try the following techniques to help you relax:

  • Deep breathing where you inhale for three seconds and exhale at five.
  • Learn to say no, especially when your tasks are becoming overwhelming.
  • Take a break. It could be a 15-minute coffee break or a weekend vacation with your family.
  • Treat yourself with massage, foot spa, or a good book.
  • Get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Reconnect with your old hobbies like scrapbooking or cross stitching.
  • Practice meditation techniques, such as yoga and Pilates.

The bottom line is, when it comes to stress, find ways that could help you relax and enable you to click the restart button to enhance female libido.

In relation to stress, one of the issues affecting couples these days is lack of intimacy and emotional connection. Find out how you can address this issue in the next sections and how it helps in boosting female sex drive. 

12. Spend Special Time with Your Man to Enhance Female Libido

When was the last time you sat down with your partner and had a quiet dinner together? If you can’t remember when you had proper date night, then don’t be surprised if your sex life and sex drive are lagging behind.

DateDate nights are essential to seal your sex life but also to strengthen your relationship. It helps bring back both the physical and emotional connection, which are essential for you both. You are able to talk about anything, plus it is a good reminder of why you are together.

Do fun things together like plan a date night. Schedule a common time and if you have kids, ask your mom or a babysitter to come over and look after the kids for a few hours. Make dinner reservations, watch a movie, or do something different. You can even set up a romantic dinner at home and watch your favorite rom-com movie after in your pajamas.

The important thing is to establish a connection in whatever way convenient to the both of you then your sex drive will follow. Aside from date nights, there is another event you should plan with your man, which you will find out in the next section.

13. Say Hello to Your Sex Drive by Putting “Sex Night” Back on the Calendar

Yes, you read that right. Keep in mind that date nights and sex nights are two different events, although you can combine it in one day.

SchedulingWhen you talk about sex night, this means mandatory sexual sessions with your man at any time of the week. The good thing about adding this in your calendar is that you are imposing sexual sessions in your routine at a time most convenient to you and your man. Consequently, you and your partner are able to prepare, thereby building up sexual tension and making sex more exciting.

You might argue that it loses spontaneity. That’s true. Still, would you rather want to be spontaneous and have sex once in a blue moon, or set sex nights and be able to prepare for what’s about to come?

Never mind the spontaneity, at least until you are able to gain momentum again inside the bedroom. Scheduling sex nights helps in boosting female sex drive too.

Do you still have room for more? There are few more tips on how to increase female sex drive so make sure you read until the end.

14. Check Your Medicine Cabinet for Sex Drive Stealers

Prescription medications are created for the sole purpose of treating specific medical conditions. While these drugs help you feel better, something has to suffer. In this case, it’s your sex drive.

Some of the medications that steal your sex drive are:

  • medicationsAntidepressants
  • Blood pressure meds
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Tranquilizers
  • Antihistamines
  • Decongestants
  • Anti-seizure drugs

If you have any of these medications, then it is best to consult a doctor and ask for an alternative. These drugs tend to alter your hormones and anything affecting your hormones could lead to libido shift.

There is a simpler way to avoid these meds and get your female libido up and running. Read the next section to find out.

15. Skip the Junk and Watch What You Eat

Let’s say you’re not in the mood to cook. Either you dialed the pizza parlor near your place for delivery, or got your car keys and head straight to the McDonald’s drive thru to get something to eat.

pizzaIt seems harmless, but if you do this several times a week, your libido might be at risk. This is because when you eat too much junk or processed food, your cholesterol level increases. Cholesterol could cause buildup on the arteries, including the arteries in your pelvic area. This leads to restriction of blood flow down south, which means less sensation in your genital area and difficulty in achieving orgasm.

That’s not all. What you eat will show on your weight – and it could affect your confidence and self-esteem as well.

Therefore, change your diet. It’s not just because you want to increase female libido but also to ensure your health. To guide you better, here are some foods you should include in your diet:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Fiber-rich foods like whole grains and whole wheat products
  • Lean meat
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Omega-3 rich foods such as salmon and mackerel

By eating these foods, you will be able to secure ample supply of blood in important areas and could lead to higher libido.

16. Change Your Mindset About Sex and Your Libido Will Follow

thinkWhat comes to your mind when you hear the term “sex?” Most of the time, you associate it with penetration and orgasm. This might also be the reason why you think of sex as a chore or obligation rather than something you like to do.

Apparently, sex is more than just an in-and-out method.

Try to change your mindset to increase women’s sex drive. Do not over-think and assume that if you hold hands with your partner, he wants sex. Instead, place priority on pleasure and not on penetration. Think of sex as a means to establish physical and emotional connection and not as a chore.

Once you changed your mindset, your sex drive will surely show up again.

17. Love Yourself: It’s the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Libido

Above all these tips, this is the most important thing you should do: learn to love yourself.

Eat healthyThe way you feel about yourself affects your mood inside the bedroom. If you are not confident about yourself, then you’ll get conscious getting naked in front of someone. In fact, poor self-image will prevent you from having and enjoying sex.

What’s the point?

Love yourself. Accept your flaws, but find ways to focus on your strengths, too. Do something that you love and makes you happy. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to achieve your desired body. Once you start to learn how to love yourself, it will be easy for you to enjoy the night with your man.

Say Yes to the Sex Challenge

Now that you know there are ways on how to increase female sex drive, the challenge now is to choose among these 17 tips will you use to get your libido back. It may take some time before you see an improvement. Be patient and talk to your partner. They will surely want to help.


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