Female Testosterone And Libido


Libido or sexual desire is greatly influenced by essential factors. Level of libido is often controlled by the amount of female hormones produced by the body particularly the female testosterone. Testosterone is dominantly produced by male but is also a very essential element for females. The quantity of female testosterone and libido should be proportional to one another to achieve best results.

Female testosterone is an important substance to enhance sexual desire for women. Female testosterone helps a lot in female genital arousal which leads to more exciting sexual performances. This sexual hormone also influences the psychological capacity of most females to perform well during sexual intercourse.

The level of testosterone

The level of testosterone produce by the androgens in female varies regardless of age. It is crucial that testosterone production is balanced to support the right sexual desire of women.

Too much secretion of this sex hormone may lead to hyper sexuality or too much desire to perform sexual activities but little production of female testosterone decreases the desire of females towards sexual urges.

Female testosterone supports lots of physical activities such as growth of hair on sensitive organs of the body as well as enhancing the analytical aspect of our brain.

Testosterone has indeed played a vital role in women’s daily activity particularly with the sexual aspect so it is necessary that female testosterone and libido should directly correlate to one another.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of those important hormones that are found in women’s body. It does not just function to provide male characteristics but it provides more. Testosterone hormone has its normal value or level just like blood pressure level and cholesterol level.

In men, this hormone is basically produced by the males testes while in women; this hormone is produced by the adrenal cortex and ovaries. The brain signals these organs to produce testosterone hormone and to stop once it reaches the normal level.

Testosterone hormone is essential in reproductive tissues, it is also important when it comes to sperm production in men. For women, this hormone helps in the stimulation of sexual urges and in maintaining sexual functions. Female testosterone and libido is said to be proportion at all times. The higher female testosterone level a woman has, the greater her sexual appetite is.

Importance of Female Testosterone

Testosterone Helps Avoid Obesity – It is proven that sufficient production of female testosterone eliminates fats that can possibly lead to excessive condition of obesity from building up in the body. Obesity is one physical condition that can hinder sexual desire and limits performance which leads to poor satisfaction during intimate encounter with sex partner.

the proper production of female testosteroneWith the proper production of female testosterone, women can greatly avoid obesity. It makes a woman’s physical attribute more desirable, firmer and fit and that’s all because of female testosterone. As a result, sexual appetite is also enhanced!

 Testosterone Definitely Enhances Libido – This sex hormone really helps a lot in achieving higher sexual desire among women. Exact level of testosterone can trigger highest sexual urges which is true to all ages.

Female’s testosterone has steroidal effects to the body that can boost libido to achieve the best sexual fantasies and fulfilment among female and their partner.

With enhanced libido comes enhance sexual performance and activity. So if you want to enjoy sex at its peak, you must have the right amount of female testosterone in the body. Men are not the only specie blessed to enjoy the power of testosterone but as well as females. Female testosterone and libido work hand in hand to provide women of the sexual satisfaction needed.

Testosterone Helps Prevent Poor Arousal During Menopausal Stage– Although age doesn’t limit the sexual desire of females, it is important that testosterone level should be maintained to support all sexual urges. Some female may have decreased secretion of some androgen hormones particularly testosterone during their menopausal period.

However, there are studies showing that testosterone deficiency can be cured by some medical treatments to reduce the risk of poor sexual arousal.

So if you’re entering the age of menopausal, there’s no need to fear losing your interest in sex for there are a lot of means to gain the normal level of testosterone in the body even if you’re in your menopausal age. There are testosterone therapies, female enhancement products and more that can boost your female testosterone and libido all at the same time.

Testosterone Greatly Supports Menstrual Cycle

Testosterone Greatly Supports Menstrual Cycle– Female testosterone does a lot of share in female’s reproductive activity.

Aside from being a libido booster it also enables proper menstrual cycle which aid in eliminating menstrual problems and irregularities as well as frequent body cleansing by releasing impurities during periodic cycle of females.

Testosterone hormone therefore is not just beneficial for men but as well as for women. Without testosterone hormones it would be difficult to maintain pregnancy and it would also be difficult to get pregnant.

Therefore, having the right level of testosterone is important not only in sexual activities but as well as reproduction matters.

Testosterone boosts sexual contentment 0 Having a normal libido level as well as healthy sexual relationship are key factors for sexual contentment not just with your partner but especially towards own fulfilment. Satisfying own sexual desire can create domino effect with others too. Female testosterone and libido levels can truly enhance sexual drives and excitement during intimate sexual activity.

Is your Female Testosterone Level Normal?

In order to ensure a productive and active sex life, it is highly suggested to check your female testosterone level and see to it that it is in a normal level. Female testosterone for women is important; it is in a way a factor that fuels a woman’s sex appetite. So if you’re having low libido, it could be possible that your female testosterone is low.

Put in mind that female testosterone and libido works together. If you want to know more on how to enhance your sex appetite, you can consult your doctor and undergo series of blood test.


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