What Hormone Is Responsible For Female Libido And Its Effects To Your Sex Drive


There are a lot of things that affects a relationship, and one of which is sex. This is the reason why several women find it alarming when they realize that their libido is declining. Because of this, they wanted to know the factors that influence women’s sex drive.

One of the main reasons why female libido declined is hormonal change. This is the reason why it is important for you to know what hormone is responsible for female libido so that you will be able to get an idea how you are going to address your sexual dilemma.

Knowing What Hormone is Responsible for Female Libido

coupleThere are actually a lot of hormones that affects the female libido. As a matter of fact, there are some studies that points out that every hormone in the body can influence a woman’s eagerness for sex. However, one of the main hormones that can stimulate the desire for sex would be testosterone. This might confuse you a bit since the testosterone hormone is mostly well-known as a male hormone. The truth is; this hormone is also produced by females.

Keep in mind though that the amount of testosterone produced by women is much smaller compared to men. With this in consideration, a lot of people are questioning whether the amount of testosterone that is produced by females is enough to keep their libido rolling. As mentioned, there are other hormones that affect their sex drive.

The Other Hormones that Make Women Horny

The primary female hormones are estrogen and progesterone. They are both produced by the ovaries. These hormones also cause a woman’s sex drive to shoot up.

Estrogen: This is the main female hormone. It causes women to have a feminine physique. When this hormone increases, women become fertile. This will also cause the female sex drive to increase, to encourage mating and procreation. Aside from that, it has also been found out that when the production of estrogen decrease, which usually happens when a woman reaches her menopausal stage, can decrease female libido.

female libidoDoctors often use estrogen to treat women who lost their sex drive due to menopause. The hormone could be introduced and distributed throughout the body. This will cause a potent and systemic effect. However, this method increases the risk of breast cancer and diseases in the heart.

That is why most doctors prefer using a smaller amount of estrogen applied locally in the genital. They would either prescribe a cream, gel, or suppository. This method is effective and safe. It works by increasing the blood flow towards the vagina, which heightens a woman’s sex drive.

Progesterone: The main purpose of this hormone is to make the uterus an ideal environment for the development of the fetus. This is the reason why it is called the hormone for pregnancy. It was also found that its presence increases a woman’s desire to have sex. Doctors often combine it with estrogen therapy.

There are a lot of changes that occur when female hormones decline. That would include a diminishing interest in sex. Hormonal changes are actually part of normal aging. If you want to delay or reverse the effects of hormonal depletion in your body, then replacing it would be the best solution. Speak with a physician to learn more about it.

They will explain the hormones responsible for a woman’s libido, and what actions should be taken to prevent or stop their depletion. If you already know what hormone is responsible for female libido, then it would be easier for you to understand the treatment. Through the aid of science, you can restore the excitement in your sex life.


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