Natural Ways To Increase Female Libido


Libido refers to an individual’s sex drive. A person’s sex drive varies from individual to individual so it is difficult to measure what a normal sex drive is for one specific person. However the individual’s partner most readily recognizes when their partners libido decreases.female libido enhancement

Regular love making is important in any romantic relationship. The physical intimacy between two people is a vital part of a relationship. When this love making starts to decrease both partners are impacted. There may be emotional, physical and mental ramifications to both people in a relationship when the sexually intimacy disappears.

There are several reasons why a female’s sex drive may decrease but it does not have to remain lowered. In addition to the over the counter and prescribed medicines that are available for increasing libido there are also many natural ways to increase female libido.

A common method of increasing female libido is through the reduction of stress. Stress can trigger many negative side effects in a person’s life and can greatly impact their mental and physical well-being. Although many people consider a lowered libido to be a physical affliction, lowered sex drives can also be the result of mental or emotional factors. Recognizing these factors, and addressing them can assist in reclaiming some of the sex drive that has been lost.

One way of reducing the amount of stress is a woman’s life is through the use of massage therapy. Massage therapy varies from the various types of massage that you would receive at a run of the mill beauty spa. Massage therapy focuses on the holistic wellness of the body through muscle relaxation, and joint and soft tissue rehabilitation.female libido enhancement

A registered massage therapist is a regulated medical practitioner that has been trained in massage therapy. Massage therapy treatments alleviate some of the physical discomforts that the onset and continuation of stress may cause. Alleviating some of the physical discomfort that a person may be feeling is one way to increase female libido.

Another option to increase female libido is through dietary changes and exercise. Our diets not only impact our physical well-being but also our mental well-being. Researchers have shown that by cutting out processed and genetically modified foods a person’s mood improves considerable. They are less mood swings and negative feelings of depression and anxiety are diminished. Also, the reduction of caffeinated products and sugary foods has been known to improve a person’s physical and mental health.

In addition to a nutritionally balanced diet, there are many foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs because they promote positive moods in people. Foods such as figs, oysters, avocado and pumpkin are all considered to be mood enhancers and consuming these foods with your partner prior to or during a romantic interlude may assist increasing a person’s libido.

Many people consider alcohol to be an aphrodisiac and although alcohol reduces the inhibitions in some people, it is also a depressant and sedative for some. Consuming alcohol may have negative implications on you or your partner and one or both of you may end up becoming drowsy and uninterested in the romantic intentions of the evening. It is best that alcohol is used sparingly when you are planning a romantic interlude.

Exercise is also beneficial as it allows the body to release endorphins, which are hormones that tell the body that it is happy or content. Rigorous exercise routines are not required. But having a consistent exercise program assists in boosting mental satisfaction and can also reduce excess body weight.

By lowering their excess body weight, many women experience an increase in their level of confidence. A balanced diet and a regular exercise program also allows woman to regain confidence in their physical appearance. Being content in how they appear physically encourages women to pursue a physical relationship.

A decreased libido is not something that should be dismissed as nonexistent. It is a very real experience for both the woman going through it and her partner and as overwhelming as it may seem, it can be controlled. And women are able to regain their sex drives through natural methods.

Many women are turning to holistic treatments such as registered massage therapy, changing their diet and incorporating more exercise in their daily life as a means of increasing their libido. They are recognizing the stressors in their daily lives and working to control these stresses.

Many women understand that their food choices may be impacting them, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally and as a result, women are taking steps to regain control. Initially a lowered sex drive may seem like something that will go away on its own and when it doesn’t women become discouraged. But by recognizing that through a few simple changes a lowered libido can be reversed, is liberating for many women.


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